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About Me:

I have worked in Argentina, France, Spain and currently in Switzerland. In Switzerland I have obtained the recognition of PsyCo and authorization to practice as a Psychologist.

I work in Spanish, English and French.

The fees are the same for online or face-to-face consultation.

I work with teenagers, adults and couples and I specialize in:

  • panic attacks​, stress, fears, anxiety, anguish, burnout, 

  • sadness, loneliness, depression,

  • relationship problems,

  • fertility problems, 

  • eating disorders,

  • professional and personal coaching, pending important decisions, 

  • future uncertainties, expats wanting to adapt to a new culture, 

  • the grieving process, finding new meaning in life (personal and professional).



University Catholique de Lille


Intervenant Spécialise en Art-Thérapie


  • Hospital Center of Cambrai: Psychopathologies of children and teenagers. 

  • Part-time therapeutic intervention at center of Caudry for teenagers. 


University of Aconcagua, Argentina

Degree in Psychologist

(orientation in psychoanalysis)

Duration of studies: 5 years + thesis

Thesis: “A case of phobia” Clinical Psychology, Psychoanalytic field.

Note: 10/10

2005- today

Masters, courses and different specializations

  • 2022-2024: Method 3 with P. Liberati (psychology and couselling)

  • 2023: awakening with C. Giorgio (psychology and couselling)

  • 2022 Family Constellations

  • 2020-2022: MBA Marketing and E-commerce, The Power MBA.

  • 2021: Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher by RIMYI, Pune India. 

  • 2019: Official certification of yoga teacher "Acreditat". Ministry of Education and European Union. 

  • 2014: Yoga teacher (Integral Yoga). Mahashakti School, Barcelona.

  • 2016: Couple therapy, Prof. Luigi Cancrini

  • 2016: Professional coaching and counseling 

  • 2015: Professional coaching and counseling 

  • 2014: HR sector (recruitment process, screening of cv, description of profiles, contact with clients, follow-up of the selection process). Lille 3 University, France.

  • 2011: Burnout. U.D.A. August

  • 2009: Trauma. Alfried Längle (Austria). 

  • 2009: Sexualization. PHD in psychology Diana Rabinovich.

  • 2009: Psychoanalytic field: interview with teachers, fathers and students. Techniques: Bender, H.T.P., T.A.T., Desiderative, Rorschach at CENS School (6 months)

  • 2009: Legal psychology; interview, Bender, H.T.P., T.A.T at the Legal Courts of Mendoza, Argentina (6 motnhs)

  • 2008: Disorders habits; working on healthy Habits in Children and Teenagers .OSEP (4 months)

  • 2007: Depression and grief process. Alfried Längle (Austria). 

  • 2007: Guilt, file and resolution. PHD in Psychology Marta Jerez.

  • 2007: Interviews, HTP, Bender, WISC III (4 months)

  • 2007: The game and the children (1 month)

  • 2006: The meaning of life. Alfried Längle (Austria).

  • 2006: Psychotherapy of the borderline patient, Dr. Alberto Samperisi

  • 2005: Loneliness and freedom: the search for meaning, Dr. Alfried Längle (Austria) 

+41 78 208 70 91


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