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CLE method




How does it work?

  • Online meetings every 2 weeks starting from mid- September 2023

  • Meetings are recorded and you can access them for the duration of the program and as long as you continue as a student.  

  • Every meeting is a therapeutic group class. It means that I will share the tools to improve the quality of your daily life, to become responsible for your happiness and to drive your life according to your real wish.

  • IMPORTANT: The fact that it is a therapeutic group does NOT mean that you have to share your personal issues with everyone. The structure of the method is a one hour "class", where the theory and tools are explained and, in addition, tasks are given to be done during the following 15 days. The remaining time is for questions. If someone wishes to share their experiences, they are welcome to do so. But it is not mandatory.

  • Two groups: one in Spanish and another in English

  • Minimum of participants: 7


The program: 8 meetings 

  • Love

  • Fear, anxiety and anguish

  • Grieving 

  • the capacity of the observer from meditation to real life

  • victimisation, co-dependence and competition vs. co-operation, freedom and peace

  • activation of the vagus nerve

  • acceptance 

  • gratitude

  • intuition

  • thinking

  • emotions

  • action

  • personality, need and ego

  • desire

  • old paradigm and new paradigm

  • abundance

  • the secret of happy couples

  • the indissoluble points that generate problems in the couple

  • couple: projects- admiration- passion- fusion- attraction and idealisation

  • the stages of evolution of a happy couple

  • what destroys a couple and what unites a couple?

  • choosing to live happily or to live in drama


How do I know that this course is for me?

  • I don't have enough money to pay for individual therapy but I am aware that I need tools from a professional to be able to change, love and evolve in my life.

  • I have the capacity to generate positive changes in my life and I have the desire to do it.

  • I have problems in my personal, couple, work, friendship and/or family life and I want to find a solution. 

  • I believe I can feel better and I deserve it.


Price and rules:

  • Each meeting costs 30 CHF. The class lasts 60 minutes and the remaining time, as I have already explained, is for questions.

  • It is advisable to take the whole course, but you can still choose to take the course in modules (each module is a minimum of two lessons).

  • Payment is made on the website before the first class of the cycle and a monthly fee will be deducted each month until the end of the 8-meeting course. 

  • You will have access to all the material throughout the programme, in case you have not been able to attend a class, you can access it online and you can write to me if you have any doubts or questions. 

  • Please be committed not only to the cycle, to your payments, but also to the implementation of all the tools that will be provided throughout the course. There are no miraculous changes, there is practice and perseverance. I count on your commitment!

Are you ready to make an exponential change in your life? 

Contact me if you have any doubts

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