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psychology, art-therapy and yoga in zug

We are here to evolve
& to be happy 

Psychology, Art-therapy
and Iyengar Yoga
in Zug

Release, Relax, Unwind

Victoria Niven, psychologist, art-therapist and Iyengar yoga teacher

I believe that the parts of something are intimately interconnected to the whole, that's the reason why I consider my professional approach as a "Holistic practice".​ 

I am a Psychologist,  Art-therapist and a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher.

The techniques and tools that I share with my clients, are the same ones that I use in my daily life.

YOGA: In 1996, I started to practice yoga and since 2015 I have been teaching yoga. I have two certifications: one in "Integral Yoga" and the second one as a "certifified Iyengar Yoga Teacher - Level 1" by RIMYI, Pune, India.

THERAPY: I finished my degree in Psychology in 2010, in Argentina. In 2012, I finished my specialization in Art-Therapy in France. Since then I have been working in this sector.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Discover your own path


I am a psychologist with a specialization in  psychoanalysis. I have studied different techniques from different methods of psychology like: Cognitive behavioral, Systemic, Logotherapy, Brief Therapy, Positive psychology, Professional coaching, Couples counseling, Human Resources and Psychology at work. 

CLE method

CLE method (C: change- L: love - E: evolution) is the result of more than 27 years of research, experiences and studies.

How does it work?  

>Online meetings every 2 weeks.

>Meetings are recorded and you can access them as long as it takes the whole program of the CLE method. 

> Every meeting is a therapeutic group class. It means that I will share the tools to improve the quality of your daily life, to become responsible for your happiness and to drive your life according to your real wish.


Art as a way of expression. 

Art as a path to heal.

I have studied music and lyrical singing. I am a singer and songwriter. I have studied theater and ballet. I like painting, ceramics and writing. Art has always been present in my life. In 2010, I moved to France to start my studies in Art-therapy.


You don't need to talk to heal...

you can also heal through  art. 

Yoga brings harmony to my life.

My yoga practice supports my mental, physical and energetic health.

I consider myself first as a student of yoga and then as a teacher of yoga. 

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Their experiences are worth more than my words

Victoria ist eine grossartige und sehr professionelle Yogalehrerin. Sie zeigt und erklärt jede Haltung detailliert und korrigiert die Haltung und eventuelle Fehler so, dass man als Schüler selbst zuhause Yoga praktizieren kann. Ich habe sehr viel von ihr gelernt, vor allem aber hat sie mich inspiriert, Yoga in meinen wöchentlichen und (wann immer möglich) sogar täglichen Sportplan zu integrieren. Sie ist nicht nur eine sehr erfahrene Yogalehrerin, sondern immer nett und guter Laune, wodurch ihre Kurse besonders angenehm und wertvoll sind.

In den letzten Monaten konnten wir aufgrund der Einschränkungen durch Covid nur online über Zoom an den Yoga-Kursen von Victoria teilnehmen. Und gerade in dieser Zeit hat sich ihre Stärke besonders bezahlt gemacht, dass sie jeden einzelnen Schüler genau beobachtet und sofern nötig die Haltung korrigiert. Auch mit den reduzierten Möglichkeiten - Kontakt zu den Teilnehmern nur über die Kamera - schafft es Victoria, uns zu motivieren und die Essenz von Yoga zu vermitteln.

Katja Werno

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