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You want to feel fit

Relieve your back pain

Improve your posture

Develop your flexibility and tone your muscles

Increase your mental wellness

Feel and being healthy

Recover from an injury

You want to enjoy your pregnancy and to prepare for delivery

You like to practice yoga or you want to discover yoga.

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Classes in Zug and in Cham:

  • 75 minutes class

    Tue, Wed, Thu

    Duration Varies

    30 Swiss francs
  • 60 minutes class in Sp- En

  • 60 minutes class Iyengar Yoga

    1 hr

    150 Swiss francs
  • once per month


    1 hr

To book an individual yoga class you can contact me or book it online. 

Victoria Eka Pada Sarvangasana Flower.jpg
Victoria Niven Iyengar Yoga
I would definitely recommend classes with Victoria. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about yoga that it rubs off on every student! Classes are really engaging and she takes time and effort to explain each posture and correct students so they get the maximum benefit. She makes sure there is variety during classes and that every students is fully involved. Classes with Victoria are always fun and really inspiring.

Annie Wu

Victoria Niven Iyengar Yoga
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